About Us

Deltech Fitness products are designed and developed in Louisville Kentucky by experienced lifters and expert fabricators. Deltech Fitness CEO Craig Hillis has lifted on his equipment for twenty years. We believe in our products. We know our products, and we use them every day. Our pride and pursuit of excellence show in every product we offer.

If you have ever lifted on fitness equipment designed for home use, it's likely that you have experienced low stability and lackluster performance. Even though our equipment is priced similarly to the equipment in big box stores, we can assure you is not comparable to those inferior products. We are a weightlifters brand whose sole mission is to make strong, effective, safe products for a fair price. We understand building a gym piece by piece. It’s expensive and often takes years of dedication to build a home gym. With Deltech Fitness, you can build a high-quality home gym, with equipment you won’t outgrow, in less time.

Our Story

What’s Deltech?

Deltech Manufacturing is a third-generation family business that was started nearly 40 years ago. The company’s founder, Glenn Hillis, wanted to go into business for himself. At the time, the company he was working for needed a small cap to cover light fixtures, but they didn’t have the time or money to invest in tooling. Glenn made a deal with them. He was willing to make the tools and buy the machines to make the parts, if the company agreed he would be their sole supplier. In 1984 he bought and repaired a pair of broken plastic machines to make the parts. The name of the plastic he used and specialized in is called Delron, and that’s how we got our name Deltech.

Fast forward a few years and Glenn acquired CNC milling machines to make molds for the plastic machines. The addition of CNC machining capability grew into more opportunities for his small shop. Lathes, welders, saws, and stamping presses found their way into his shop one by one, and the business was growing.

In 1986 Current Deltech CEO Craig Hillis started his career in his father’s shop learning the business from the inside out and acquiring priceless manufacturing skills on the shop floor. Craig had a passion for weightlifting and eventually began building simple weight trees and weight benches for his own personal use.

In 1998 Craig put together his first completed design and brought it to market. It was a simple weight tree that was super strong. He took the design to a local sporting goods store, and they were happy with his product. The local stores wanted more products, and he was happy to oblige. Next came an adjustable Olympic bench press, and from there the product line kept growing. This was the birth of Deltech fitness.

In 2005 Craig bought a building to manufacture his new product line and they began production. He was one of the first to start selling weight equipment online. As our online business grew stronger, our product line grew bigger, and we started importing products to help keep up with demand. We have high standards and had to go through numerous manufacturers to meet those standards. We had to be certain that our manufacturers are skilled craftsman worthy of bringing our designs to market.

In 2015 we purchased a warehouse across the street from the manufacturing plant. This was now the home of Deltech Fitness. Sales were growing, stock was growing, and Deltech Fitness was growing.

Craigs son Jordan (now 3rd generation Hillis) began working for Deltech over his summer vacations at 13 years old and working out in the Deltech weight room after work. Jordan worked himself into a position using CAD (computer aided design) daily to aid himself in fabricating complex parts to solve day to day manufacturing problems. By 2018 nearly a decade later, he had developed the skills to tackle his first weight bench design. His first product was based off an old design but reimagined for maximum strength and style. From there he and Craig began working on brand new original designs bringing several products to life every year, each better than the last.

In 2021 after Covid, we decided to change our whole business model. We had an opportunity to sell the manufacturing business to solely focus on our Deltech Fitness dreams. We invested in stocking the warehouse full of weight equipment. We invested in all the necessary equipment to prototype and build anything we could imagine, right here in our warehouse.

Currently, our entire family works under one roof. We work every day improving our customers’ experience with detailed assembly videos, higher quality images on the website, updating instructions to be as clear as possible, and testing our new designs in the weight room. We offer easy to assemble, high performance weight equipment, with the best value on the market. We appreciate you believing in our Deltech Fitness brand.