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Deltech Fitness

Deltech Fitness Lat Attachment (DF830)

Deltech Fitness Lat Attachment (DF830)

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This Lat Attachment (DF830) is perfect for adding to your Smith Machine or Power Rack to make a complete gym. It bolts on in minutes and offers a hi and low pulley with no cable change. It's great for back, biceps and triceps work and adds many exercises to your existing set up. This package comes with lat and row bars standard, and you can use olympic or standard weight.   Also check out the available DF832 Pec Attachment for even more versatility. 




      * 1 to 1 pulley ratio
      * Heavy-duty steel tubing
      * Durable white powder-coat paint
      * Zinc-plated hardware
      * Welded to American Welding Society (AWS)
      * Uses standard plates
      * Aircraft quality cables
      * Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys

      Compatible attachments:
      * Pec Attachment (DF832)

      This Item Fits:
      * DF4900 Smith Machine
      * DF4500 Power Rack
      * DF825 Power Rack


      *White and black
      Weight Capacity:
      *750 lbs.
      *Unit Size: 81" x 46" x 44"
      *Weight: 70 lbs.
      *Ships in 1 box


      * Be sure to check cables and pulleys for wear. These are
      both consumable items which means they will have to be
      replaced from time to time.
      * You should check the tightness of bolts a couple times a
      year to make sure they stay tight.
      * Silicone or Teflon spray is recommended on the rear post
      where the weight carriage slides up and down the post.

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