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Lat/Row Machine (DF910)

Lat/Row Machine (DF910)

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Our lat/row machine (DF910) is a versatile and considerable addition to any home gym.  The DF910 comes with a floating pulley system so you can move seamlessly between your lat and row workouts.  The versatility doesn’t stop there with our standard swiveling lat bar and row bar, giving a more efficient workout.  This machine can also be used for more than just lat/row, to name a few; cable biceps curl, cable triceps pull down, straight bar push down, cable lunges, and many more.

This lat/row machine can take whatever you can dish out, with its heavy-duty steel tubing (welded following AWS guidelines) and powder-coated finish for extra durability.  It also features zinc-coated hardware, aircraft quality cables, and nylon reinforced pulleys with steel bearings for extra endurance.  This machine can take a beating and continue to perform the way you need it to, day after day.

Our lat/row machine also comes with comfort in mind.  Our seat and thigh rest features high-density foam and top-grade vinyl to give you long-lasting comfort and durability. 

To get the most out of our DF910 consider these machine bars; triceps push down rope, triceps bar, single grip cable handle, and the revolving triangle or a Pec Attachment (DF832).



* Heavy-duty steel tubing
* High-density foam padding
* Top-grade vinyl
* Durable black and white powder-coat paint
* Zinc-plated hardware
* Aircraft quality cables
* Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys
* 1:1 Weight Ratio
* Comes standard with chrome-plated lat and row bars
with a swivel design
* Weight holder uses plastic inserts for smooth operation
* Available Exercises- Lat Pull, Tricep Extension, Low Row,
and many more!


Available Accessories:
* DF832 Pec Deck
* MB-Rope
* MBT-504 Triceps Bar
* MB-228R Revolving Curl Bar


* White, Black and Chrome
Weight Capacity:
* 500 lbs.
* Unit Size: 82" x 24" x 63"
* Weight: 132 lbs.
* Ships in 2 boxes (wait for all boxes to arrive)


* Be sure to check cables and pulleys for wear. These are
both consumable items which means they will have to be
replaced from time to time.
* You should check the tightness of bolts a couple times a
year to make sure they stay tight.
* Silicone or Teflon spray is recommended on the rear post
where the weight carriage slides up and down the post.

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