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Pro Power Rack (DF4500)

Pro Power Rack (DF4500)

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The DF4500 Power Rack is a quality Power Rack that is essential for safe, full-body strengthening. It offers safety with its durable spotter arms made from heavy-duty steel tubing. The spotter arms are easily adjustable using pull-pins and can move to the lowest setting on the Power Rack to offer the opportunity for resistance band training and is a fantastic start to your home gym.

This versatile power rack has many attachments available so you can build the gym you want. In addition to the Power Rack, you can add a Flat/Incline/Decline Bench (DF9500). With this FID bench, you can expand your options for an overall workout, enabling you to also sculpt the upper body with exercises like bench presses and military presses.

 Another excellent option for this power rack is the Lat Attachment (DF830). The  Lat Attachment (DF830) uses weight plates for resistance or upgrade to the Stack Loaded Lat Attachment (DF838), which features a 200-pound weight stack for quick and easy resistance changes. They each boast a double pulley system and a high low system for lat and row exercises. Adding this to the DF4500 Power Rack only adds 16 inches to the length of the power rack. Both Lat Attachments come with a lat bar and a row bar and can accommodate all machine bars you have, like a triceps bar (MBT-504) or Pushdown Ropes (MB-Rope). You are then able to strengthen and sculpt your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. 

Another excellent option for the DF4500 power rack is the Pectoral Dec (DF832). This Pec Dec requires the DF830 or DF838 Lat Attachment option. 



*Heavy-duty steel tubing
*Durable black and white powder-coat paint
*Zinc-plated hardware
*Welded to American Welding Society (AWS) specifications
*Holes on 3" centers
*Chrome chin-up bar
*Heavy-duty spotters
*Catches have 1/2" pull pins
*Heavy-duty side gussets for added stability
*Front weight catches are designed with hooks on the inside and outside of the rack
*Upgrade your power rack at any time to make your own power gym
*Available Exercises- Squats, pull-ups, calf raises, or use a dumbbell bench like the DF9500, DF9000, or DF8000 to do these exercises: bench press, incline press, military press, leg curl, and leg extensions


Weight Capacity:
*750 lbs.
*Outside Dimensions: 81" H x 48" W x 54" D
*Inside Dimensions- 77" H x 44" W x 26" D
*Weight: 188 lbs
Ships in 4 boxes (wait for all boxes to arrive)


* Clean with a damp rag as needed
* Periodically check bolts and tighten as needed

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