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Deltech Fitness Stack Loaded Lat Attachment (DF838)

Deltech Fitness Stack Loaded Lat Attachment (DF838)

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   Add versatility to your Smith Machine or Power Rack with the DF83 Stack Loaded Lat Attachment. Designed to fit the Smith Machine (DF4900), the Power Rack (DF4500), and the DF825 Squat Rack this heavy-duty Lat Attachment attaches easily and will give you a wide range of workouts. Heavy-duty steel tubing, aircraft quality cables, and fiberglass-reinforced, steel hub pulleys mean the DF838 Stack Loaded Lat Attachment will stand up to years of use. It includes a swivel lat pulldown bar and a low row bar to offer a multitude of exercises. Or quickly and easily switch to a wide range of optional machine bars to further increase the number of exercises you can do with this high-quality attachment.


   It features a 200 lb weight stack that glides smoothly on two guide rods to provide a smooth workout and resistance is easily changed by simply moving a pin. No more searching for weight plates and wasting time changing them out, just a quick pin adjustment and you can get back to your workout.  For a more complete workout add, Pec Attachment (DF832).




    * 1 to 1 pulley ratio
    * Heavy-duty steel tubing
    * Durable white powder-coat paint
    * Zinc-plated hardware
    * Welded to American Welding Society (AWS)
    * Uses standard plates
    * Aircraft quality cables
    * Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys
    * 200 lb. weight stack for convenience
    * Chrome guide rods for ultra-smooth action
    Compatible attachments:
    * Pec Attachment (DF832)
    This Item Fits:
    * DF4900 Smith Machine
    * DF4500 Power Rack
    * DF825 Power Rack


    *White and black
    Weight Capacity:
    *200 lbs.
    *Unit Size: 81" x 46" x 44"
    *Weight: 292 lbs.
    *Ships in 5 boxes (wait for all boxes to arrive)


    * Be sure to check cables and pulleys for wear. These are
    both consumable items which means they will have to be
    replaced from time to time.
    * You should check the tightness of bolts a couple times a
    year to make sure they stay tight.
    * Silicone or Teflon spray is recommended on the guide
    rods where the weight stack slides up and down.

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